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Powerbooks here, Powerbooks there, Powerbooks everywhere

Friday, December 3rd, 2004 at 09:21pm

One thing I forgot to mention in my previous posts about OSDC was that the majority of laptops that I saw were Apple Powerbooks. And a fair number of those where 12″ just like mine

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Conference is over…

Friday, December 3rd, 2004 at 08:45pm

The third and final day of OSDC

  • MySQL In 2005 by Luke Welling
    This keynote talked a fair bit about the composition of MySQL as an international company that makes most of it’s revenue from licensing and support to a very small percentage of the userbase.
  • Docbook by Scott Penrose
  • Regexp::Common by Abigail
  • Developing the Monash Research Directory by Stephen Edmonds
    I was forced to go to the talk because I was presenting it…
  • Lightning talks
  • Templates Templates everywhere but not a drop to drink by Scott Penrose
  • Lightning talks
    All that I recall from this session was Damian’s two small talks, one of which was another song…
  • Sufficiently Advanced Technology by Damian Conway
    Damien’s talks are always good value, his keynotes expecially so, and this one was about you should be writing modules that make things happen in the rest of your program with little or no work.

I also won a copy of Essential CVS because my answer of K3.21 to the question of what was the actual room number of ‘room 1’ was close enough… K3.21 was actually ‘room 2’ with K3.07 being the truly correct answer.

In all the conference was excellent and I can’t wait until next year…

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Summary of Day 2

Thursday, December 2nd, 2004 at 09:28pm

With my slides for my talk tomorrow at the Open Source Developers’ Conference complete enough I suppose I could go through a summary of Day 2…

  • Open Source Trends by Nathan Torkington
  • “Scripting Language” My Arse: Using Python for Voice over IP by Anthony Baxter
  • PHP and MySQL Web Development by Luke Welling
  • Javascript Game Development by Simon Hildebrandt
    I didn’t realise just some of what is possible to do by using JavaScript to interact with the Document Object Model (DOM).
  • I didn’t know perl could talk to hardware? by Scott Penrose
    This talk has inspired me to revive some of my abandoned projects. In particular getting the 1-wire temperature sensors I have hooked up and wiring up at least one of the LCD displays I have had for at least six years now. And of course I will be interacting with them through perl…
  • How to build a Web Grabber / Screen Scraper by John Kaye
  • Overview of Perl Security Modules by Craig Pearce
  • Lightning talks
    This was probably the most value as there was a lot of interesting topics which were then capped by Damian performing his rendition of “Everything I need to know about the Perl community, I learned in kindergarten”

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Day 1 Complete

Wednesday, December 1st, 2004 at 10:07pm

The first day of the conference concluded with the social dinner which means my talk tally now includes:

  • Coding standards while programming in PHP by Jeffery Fernandez
    This was pretty much a waste of time for me as it only covered the basics of coding standards, consistent naming and formatting.
  • Doing stupid things in Perl by Paul Fenwick
    This was an excellent reminder of the stupid things that people often do and it was a laugh to see one of them being something Paul found in the portal code when he was in on a contract.
  • How to Make Money from Open Source Software by Con Zymaris
    The actual talk was a bit of a disappointment as I was full of food (it was at the social dinner) and couldn’t really hear him (no decent sound setup). However since I was a reviewer for this talk I know the content was interesting…

Under 37 hours until my talk. Maybe I should get around to finishing off the slides…

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Mostly through day 1 of the OSDC

Wednesday, December 1st, 2004 at 03:03pm

The first day of the Open Source Developers’ Conference is almost over and so far it has been pretty good with the talks (that I attended) so far being:

  • Perl 6: OO Made Insanely Great by Dr Damian Conway
    Although this was essentially the same as the Perl 6 that I heard him give back in February it was still interesting as I had forgotten much of it.
  • Beware of Benchmark by Abigail
    A number of potential issues exist with the Benchmark module such as being aware that the code under test is run with no strict and that you must make sure that the code isn’t optimised away.
  • The trials and tribulations of a test suite in Perl by Scott Penrose
  • Evolution of a Perl-based Knowledge Portal by Robert Barta
    This was pretty interesting but I will probably need a lot of time to actually understand topic maps.
  • Open Database Access Protocol (ODAP) by Clancy Malcolm
  • Managing an Open Source Development Environment by Nathan Bailey

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OSDC is tomorrow… argh!

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004 at 06:06pm

The 2004 Australian Open Source Developers’ Conference starts tomorrow which will be very good. Unfortunately this also means that there is a scant 65 hours until I have to present my own talk…

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Google can be too helpful sometimes

Sunday, October 10th, 2004 at 10:19pm

A few months ago when I started to write up my paper for the ODSC conference in December I used google to find information about how to do it. Since I’m planning on doing a practice run at perl mongers this Wednesday I thought I might as well procrastinate in a productive way by reading through some of them again.

One specific one I was looking for was a slightly tongue-in-cheek presentation about how to make a presentation. Unfortunately since I couldn’t remember exactly what it was called (or had bookmarked it) I spent around about an hour looking through the results of various google searches with little luck.

Fortunately I recalled that it might have been linked from and article on which narrowed my search significantly. The article I then found was Giving Lightning Talks which includes a link at the end to Conference Presentation Judo….

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Only a week late…

Monday, September 20th, 2004 at 11:25pm

I have just managed to finally finish my paper on the Monash Research Directory for the Open Source Developers’ Conference 2004 later this year. Originally the final draft of the papers were due on the 6th of September. This was extended to the 13th and then left a bit open ended…

At least I can finally get around to rebuilding shaun…

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OSDC Paper Proposal

Friday, July 2nd, 2004 at 08:54pm

Today I submitted my paper proposal for the Open Source Developers’ Conference that is being held in December this year. Everyone at work submitted on and mine is for a twenty minute talk about the development of the Monash Research Directory.

I’m not sure if I actually want it to be accepted…

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