Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

February 18th

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February 16th

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Down the aisle Ceiling Spire String Bean Alley Fresh red emperor Spanish Chorizo Gourmet Breads Big Vic Deli Spanish Hot Sopressa The French Shop Beans, Beans, Beans Victorian Century Salted Organ Early morning Red and blue Hot & Spicy Posing Mirrors merlocoffee

February 4th

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Green Red Blue Crossing
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February 1st

generic (feed #21) 2:32pm Lots of interesting detail in this set #lego #ISS https://t.co/aETJPfluXm

January 29th

generic (feed #21) 5:00pm My @peakdesignltd tripod has arrived, now the trick will be to get out and use it... https://t.co/Dpp6Vquv0Z

January 18th

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generic (feed #21) 10:12pm An hour ago @UnitedEnergyAU detected a fault and remotely turned of my power, now there is a crew fixing it https://t.co/rzZz3ms0c8

January 17th

generic (feed #21) 5:39pm The final anticipated announcement of #lca2020 is that #lca2021 will be in Canberra https://t.co/jljfdy5GkT
generic (feed #21) 4:30pm I had no idea how useful #ipv6 multicast is! Watching a talk by @brett_sheffield on this magic. #lca2020 https://t.co/B6evuaA8eX
generic (feed #21) 1:54pm This talk by @jonoxer and @ChrisFryer78 on affordable input devices (or "potentially deadly open source wheelchair… https://t.co/Rm8jGsKdlu
generic (feed #21) 12:36pm “It’s not passive voice that makes the sentence bad, it’s misplaced emphasis.” Put the important part of the sente… https://t.co/redwWniAVW
generic (feed #21) 11:47am Defending our digital rights seems to be turning into a full time job 😢 @Lizzie_OShea keynote at #lca2020… https://t.co/I7DaRUfAMW

January 16th

generic (feed #21) 11:06pm Josh Bassett is presenting on “How to Write a Retro #Arcade #Emulator” and my nostalgic old heart just sped up a fe… https://t.co/h91KryPhlR
generic (feed #21) 11:04pm #lca2020 here is the list of sites that load when you visit https://t.co/FTkORAARV6.... It's a lot! Anne Jessel on… https://t.co/UyPbBNpcok
generic (feed #21) 4:21pm Bringing old imagery online - amazing stuff. #lca2020 https://t.co/XRgJqr2eGY
generic (feed #21) 3:06pm Marissa Takahashi relates the problem of reuse of social media data without consent back to the story of the use of… https://t.co/yBAkWWNSjt
generic (feed #21) 2:24pm How do you gather data on the charge controller? “Well you could take it for a ride” — Paul Wayper #lca2020 Some… https://t.co/95BgvwmVdy
generic (feed #21) 2:19pm This talk by @software_opal about collecting personal information is so great! It covers: * Don't assume everyone h… https://t.co/mvBz38uWV9
generic (feed #21) 11:35am What happens if we allow new (electronic) voting systems with no accompanying legislative guard rails for assurance… https://t.co/ye0cBezMPf

January 15th

generic (feed #21) 5:40pm Race timing to 1ms resolution over 1km with no direct line of sight, based on a BeagleBone Black Wireless with a cu… https://t.co/yqt4zxrz4C
generic (feed #21) 3:13pm Gotta love the way @jeamland succinctly and rapidly destroyed the history of "meritocracy" in our environment.… https://t.co/L5e3SyZUsz
generic (feed #21) 1:53pm Thanks Karen for amazing talk! It is hard to admit your own mistakes from the big stage! #LCA2020 https://t.co/v2OavmHV6q
generic (feed #21) 12:39pm This energy graph was used to diagnose a leaking hot water service #LCA2020 - spikes after initial heating https://t.co/Wcqj4PIKAm
generic (feed #21) 11:40am Insightful, wide ranging talk from @kattekrab about creating the future you want to live in, at #lca2020. What do… https://t.co/dMRr5L4WRA

January 14th

generic (feed #21) 9:01pm #lca2020 @SvenDowideit on projects with a WEMOS mini and how useful they are everywhere for fun props! https://t.co/8ILLEw3B6m
generic (feed #21) 9:00pm "In the beginning, there was the command line..." - @ppog_penguin #lca2020 https://t.co/5T6ozvMzlZ https://t.co/5nwJFocKD1
generic (feed #21) 8:58pm #lca2020 with @brett_sheffield on protecting our democratic lifeline https://t.co/e3LD4mBdVP
generic (feed #21) 12:40pm Fascinating keynote at #lca2020 from @BradyHeywood about the dangers and blindness introduced by expertise! https://t.co/OrmSZbu7D9
generic (feed #21) 12:36pm An emotional review of some software engineering 'oh no' moments that never led to positive system change. IBM in t… https://t.co/0lC6dRKEu5

January 13th

generic (feed #21) 5:36pm “Simple is better than Magical” — @CerealBoy speaking my gospel at #lca2020 Sysadmin Miniconf (Simple is better th… https://t.co/rUkTc0tAbV
generic (feed #21) 5:36pm Clearly articulated advice from @CerealBoy on SRE in smaller organisations. Emphasising minimising toil while ensur… https://t.co/adB2fEBVYR
generic (feed #21) 12:40pm An open air escape room, with elements that talk and move and react depending on where you are in the game #lca2020 https://t.co/MEJiCLGAht
generic (feed #21) 12:37pm #lca2020 with dev/ops relationships, it's complicated by Anna fiofilova https://t.co/de4MvI7Kc1
generic (feed #21) 10:09am So it begins #lca2020 https://t.co/Ge1IVfhIFg

January 12th

generic (feed #21) 3:12pm Landed at OOL on way to #lca2020, last time I was here was for an #osdc

January 1st

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December 29th

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December 27th

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December 25th

generic (feed #21) 10:09am Another Christmas means another ham, though next year I will switch to another @altonbrown recipe https://t.co/pvsS4BeoHM

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