Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

April 20th

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If anyone wants to hold me to this: I will submit a talk proposal for 2025 about my experience with home automation

April 18th

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On the final day of :

@aquigley demonstrated a fascinating approach to detecting the type of a material using radar

@darrylb123 showed how Berry scripting can be used within Tasmota to provide functionality within the device itself

Paul Schulz (mawsonlakes.org/) gave an introduction to ESPHome and how it can be used

@Unixbigot explained how local voice control is possible when you keep it lightweight

Simon Lees (simotek.net/) abused 80s video tech to smash together analog video for interesting results

@raejohnston gave a brutal rundown of the groups (more than you think) that are not represented in STEM and some possible ways to address that imbalance

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Until next year...

Organisers of the Everything Open conference on stage with screen announcing Tarndanya (Adelaide) in January 2025

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Final day

Stage with screen reading:
Balkan wittaberri
Yallarm (Place of Shells)

April 17th

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Another great day at :

Jana Dekanovska told us how cyber threats have changed in recent years and the implications of generative AI

@lathiat outlined some important considerations when benchmarking storage

@vik showed an accessible chording keyboard with an intersting history

Ricardo Sueiras demonstrated a new project that could help to simplify authorization

Robert de Leeuw outlined the protocols and parties involved in EV charging infrastructure and how open source can make it better

Clinton Roy (clintonroy.wordpress.com/) described how open source software is used to run experiments at the Australian Synchrotron

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April 16th

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A great first day at :

Geoff Huston (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoff_Hu ) showing how the structure of the internet has changed but also repeated, including who is to thank and who is to blame.

Clinton Roy (clintonroy.wordpress.com/) on an interesting but also mathematical logic heavy way to define specifications.

@tobybellwood describing how to maintain an active community with various types of user groups

Hamish Coleman (zot.org/~hamish/) showing an interesting peer to peer vpn and why it was forked

Steven Ellis (people.redhat.com/sellis/) recounting some stories to demonstrate some issues with have with how we maintain/support/upgrade services

@Unixbigot breaking down what is really needed to build an electric bike or scooter

Chris Chinchilla (chrischinchilla.com/) raising some important implications of how our design choices could impact the planet

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About to start...

Main conference stage with slide showing Everything Open 2024

April 14th

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I will be at next week so tonight I saw (apart from a couple of podcasts) my last shows for , all of the following are recommended:

Bec Petraitis - Nerd F*ck

Josh Earl - Four Burners

Wil Anderson - Wilegitimate

Kirsty Webeck - I'll Be The Judge Of That

Urvi Majumdar - Burnt

Grace Jarvis - Oh! The Horrors!

Mel Buttle - Not Here To Put Socks On Centipedes

Rhys Nicholson - Huge Big Party Congratulations

Paul Williams - Mamiya 7

Bronwyn Kuss - Pillows xxxx

The Most Upsetting Guessing Game in the World Live

Nath Valvo - Anyway, Back To Me

Chris Parker - Give Me One Good Reason Why I Shouldn't Throw My Phone Off this Bridge

Fern Brady - I Gave You Milk To Drink

April 7th

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April 5th

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It was looking like I would be able to catch the train for the whole of , but it is not to be...

Poster advising of buses replacing trains on the Glen Waverley line during April 2024

April 2nd

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April 1st

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March 21st

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March 16th

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March 11th

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and to contrast here are some photos from seven years ago: flickr.com/photos/popcorncx/al

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At the third stroke Relays 3M1 to 3M20 Multiple Line finder Sockets Laced Digitronics Capacitors L. T. Kennett 1.5M ladder Blue 32 MUST NOT In Case of Fire Condenser Pump No 1 Monitor the prize Fuses T.SHOES M.D.F. MARKING SPAG Guided Dunlop Kromhyd Within the frame Tangled Strands Ladder Cut days without a lost time injury Mustang Bell 47 Trojans Solo Roulette Under Two Harvards and a Beechcraft Inverted T Spiral down Corsair Moths Away Southern Knights Knife Edge Beechcraft Model 18 Rising pair Avenger Airfield control
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Instead of sitting on them for years, I decided to pick out a few photos from yesterday's airshow down at Tyabb: flickr.com/photos/popcorncx/al

March 8th

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March 6th

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Octopus Pointy

March 5th

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March 2nd

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the stark contrast between weathered and sanded timber, this is all Merbau

Pieces of weathered Merbau timber (which is a grey/silver with remnants of oil/stain) sitting on top of freshly sanded Merbau timber (which is a more pleasing red/brown)

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A lesson in maintenance...

I last cleaned and oiled my outdoor deck in 2014, then neglected it for ten years so needed to sand the whole thing back to bare wood, not good on the knees...

Outdoor deck that has (mostly) been sanded back to good timber

February 28th

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I have written up the steps I used to reflash a Sensibo Sky with ESPHome: popcorn.cx/blog/2024/02/how-to

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