Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

September 28th

generic (feed #31) 5:20pm Got targeted political spam from @mjfregon, to the email alias I only ever used for @VirginAustralia, that is some… https://t.co/RbDIfziDiF

September 25th

generic (feed #30) 2:10pm Results from 32nd Eastern Interclub 2022

September 21st

generic (feed #30) 7:37pm End of year competition 2022

September 13th

librarything (feed #38) 11:06pm Added a book on LibraryThing.
What If? 2
generic (feed #31) 6:39pm From the backlog, two visits to Healesville Sanctuary: https://t.co/ViKyddE0v1
flickr (feed #32) 6:30pm Posted 10 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Rainbow Preening Kookaburra In shadow Foraging Dirty snout Colours Claw Yawn Snacking

September 6th

generic (feed #30) 10:21pm September 2022 ‘Railway study’ results

August 30th

flickr (feed #32) 8:57pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
DJ Class

August 28th

generic (feed #31) 10:47pm Got around to sorting through my photos from Darwin a few months ago https://t.co/Dunjq02IIr
flickr (feed #32) 10:40pm Posted 32 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Tranquil Halfway Into the tunnels Wharf and breakwater Sheltered Northern Territory's Parliament House Grated corner Six and a half Wavy Arc Angular Extra red from smoke in the air Home of the Max range Rough air intensity Ansett Nose BUFF Smoky sunset Supports along the shore Stubborn Dancing Licking Long tail A flash of red Pretzel Curious Tasting Reaching Cheeky Spread Hanging
generic (feed #31) 8:25pm One of each from yesterday's workshop with Jay Collier and The Photography Workshop Co https://t.co/aiUKjjDC6L
generic (feed #31) 2:25pm a crypto phishing message made it to my inbox... to the unique address I used for @bunnings... ah yes there was the… https://t.co/lMR4MIUkrL

August 25th

blog (feed #25) 10:58pm Sending my new camera back

August 20th

blog (feed #25) 8:44pm Weird or suspicious?
librarything (feed #38) 3:35pm Added 3 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
The Apollo Murders Still Just a Geek Of Marsupials and Men

August 5th

generic (feed #30) 9:02pm Results from 2022 Australian Cup competition

August 2nd

generic (feed #30) 10:47pm August 2022 ‘Animals/Pets’ results

July 30th

blog (feed #25) 10:21pm GPS tracks and tall buildings
generic (feed #31) 10:37am In city for @OpenHouseMelb and stopped by #collinsarch where I was "advised" that @CbusProperty do not allow any ph… https://t.co/RDEMgmcdl1