Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

August 5th

generic (feed #30) 9:02pm Results from 2022 Australian Cup competition

August 2nd

generic (feed #30) 10:47pm August 2022 ‘Animals/Pets’ results

July 30th

blog (feed #25) 10:21pm GPS tracks and tall buildings
generic (feed #31) 10:37am In city for @OpenHouseMelb and stopped by #collinsarch where I was "advised" that @CbusProperty do not allow any ph… https://t.co/RDEMgmcdl1

July 25th

blog (feed #25) 9:08pm In need of a new geotagging tool

July 24th

blog (feed #25) 11:24pm First drive without a mirror
generic (feed #31) 5:35pm Looks like I need to find a new solution for when I need to manually geotag CR3 files...

July 22nd

blog (feed #25) 8:36pm An expensive impluse

July 19th

blog (feed #25) 11:25pm Another year of boxes
flickr (feed #32) 11:05pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Another year of boxes

July 16th

generic (feed #31) 5:22pm The red one really did stand out https://t.co/fmeEdoTbM5
flickr (feed #32) 5:20pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Bigger over time

July 5th

generic (feed #30) 10:53pm July 2022 ‘Contre-Jour’ results

July 3rd

blog (feed #25) 8:28pm Is it time to upgrade my camera?

July 1st

generic (feed #31) 8:21pm From thousands to seventy-five, my final selection from a fantastic five days with @NTBirdTours https://t.co/U24K1qijxS
flickr (feed #32) 8:13pm Posted 75 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Termites on sandstone Tail Outcrop On the nest Road closed Sandstone layers Nourlangie from Nawurlandja From the front Flying past Sheltered Big eyes Just a couple of ducks White-bellied cuckooshrike Rainbow bee-eater By the bank Just hanging out Ominous Looking for breakfast Head on Duck reflection Synchronised ducks Not hiding Lurking Not an eye Morning light Getting low Breaking Tracks below Sunrise over Yellow Water Little corella Slid over Markers Wilkins rock-wallaby Milky way over shrimp rocks In the cave Blue-winged kookaburra Northern dwarf tree frog Looking back towards Namarr-Ganag Ga Across Our steed Shining flycatcher Pair Cannon Hill Rays of sunrise Wrapped Hidden danger Late afternoon at Mawoene Woene Creek Kite at lunchtime Full length Welcome to Kakadu Frill-necked lizard Breaking breakfast Black kite Whistling kite On target Sea eagle Reflected egret Wandering whistling-ducks Long neck Solitary Head forward Water buffalo Purple Swamphen Walking on water Sunning Sacred Kingfisher Found a snack Tasty Launching kite Calling Swishing Azure Kingfisher Scratching Juvenile Nankeen Heron Cormorant launch

June 22nd

generic (feed #31) 5:05pm A sample of photos from a spectacular five day tour with @NTBirdTours https://t.co/A0ss7MGsAm

June 20th

generic (feed #31) 11:12pm It is convenient that I can cast to the TV in my room, but looks like I can also cast to many others in the hotel...
generic (feed #31) 6:53pm A different sunrise perspective at Yellow Water with https://t.co/n2yqXer5WU https://t.co/YQJBpzNV0A

June 18th

generic (feed #31) 7:44pm The first morning of this five day tour set a high bar... https://t.co/FJpyEFvjml https://t.co/LAKJWddXaE
generic (feed #30) 10:23am Photographing things that move with Alan Bennett

June 15th

generic (feed #31) 10:16pm Extra red from the smoke in the air https://t.co/S60IRhlPeO