Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:


blog (feed #25) 6:03pm What is the algorithm doing to us?

January 23rd

generic (feed #31) 1:36pm Testing ideas using spare bricks versus building digitally #lego #moc https://t.co/dulM6EBhR9

January 21st

generic (feed #31) 10:20pm While I had pieces out I made a start on my first #lego #moc https://t.co/CMY0k6f05V
blog (feed #25) 6:58pm LEGO MOCs
generic (feed #31) 6:01pm I've been thinking about vehicles from my favourite movies and television shows... #lego https://t.co/zuy8Umn832
flickr (feed #32) 5:58pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Jurassic Park Staff Jeep in LEGO
generic (feed #31) 3:51pm Exciting news! Wallace & Gromit will return for a new film in 2024, directed by creator Nick Park and Merlin Crossi… https://t.co/wRReg9uozJ
generic (feed #31) 1:57pm I bought instructions on @Rebrickable, then ordered the pieces I didn't have via @BrickLink, next step is assembly.… https://t.co/SOiGwJ1pa2

January 19th

generic (feed #31) 3:22pm New work laptop, why do I need to do things like this? https://t.co/gZaliLSS2X

January 16th

generic (feed #31) 6:11pm Another great @linuxconfau is over, now to handle the renewed enthusiasm for old projects and inspiration for the new ones :) @lca2022
generic (feed #31) 5:49pm Does your conference have official illustrations? Maybe it should! Thanks @MindsEyeCCF, these are amazing! #LCA2022 https://t.co/xtd81mnbrx
generic (feed #31) 4:27pm Developers need to take time out and explicitly learn security, then have explicit security review triggers via IDE… https://t.co/hjsFywJ0vB
generic (feed #31) 3:56pm If you saw my talk on "Why your Encrypted Database is not secure" at #LCA2022, here are the links to the resources from my slides (thread):
generic (feed #31) 2:16pm Open Source/Hardware has changed Retro Computing! Now w/ @M109thumper @linuxconfau #LCA2022 #linuxconfau: 'From a p… https://t.co/ebs0z0GuJ3
generic (feed #31) 10:18am Wonderful keynote presentation from @lizthegrey this morning! So many nuggets of wisdom for software operators navi… https://t.co/qQLVj42trU
generic (feed #31) 10:18am Measure the rate of failure and have a threshold - if it will take days to reach it, don't page someone. From… https://t.co/8WmPbAbzS2
generic (feed #31) 10:18am Every slide from @lizthegrey's #LCA2022 keynote brings such wisdom! and beautiful artwork <3 #linuxconfau… https://t.co/iZwhkiBKXP
generic (feed #31) 10:17am cross-reference with @KathyReid’s talk: Communities are systems. #lca2022 https://t.co/FKh3EByqh8

January 15th

generic (feed #31) 7:35pm Great summary by @AntonyGreenElec at the end of his #lca2022 talk: "It all looks like I’m guessing, but it’s entirely mathematics”
generic (feed #31) 7:07pm Antony Green at #lca2022 - "Thanks to ABC, who originally hired me for six months as a researcher. Three decades l… https://t.co/gxVOUyv8cs
generic (feed #31) 4:55pm The first Keynote from #LCA2022 is now available "The early days of Unix at Bell Labs" - Brian Kernighan (LCA 2022… https://t.co/1hWZcMbdI9
generic (feed #31) 4:54pm Important discussion w/ @attacus_au @linuxconfau: 'Made to Measure? The Biases and Boundaries of #Biometrics'… https://t.co/863SsNS5ha
generic (feed #31) 2:56pm Learning heaps in @AndyFitz's #lca2022 talk on open fonts. Averaging about 1 thing I need to go check out per minut… https://t.co/XkpcBJ9Sje
generic (feed #31) 2:11pm At #LCA2022 - @jpwarren doing a stellar job of showing us how to raise an #FOI request, and how to navigate the rel… https://t.co/4ab9TVwrRa
generic (feed #31) 2:11pm Some fantastic soundbites from @jpwarren: 'You too can become a snarky antagonist.' 'This is like an extra nerdy f… https://t.co/2RqsWCSEFF
generic (feed #31) 10:53am Just did my keynote at #LCA2022 and off the cuff mentioned 'triangle of suck' to describe the layers of crisis mana… https://t.co/hMgyZside4
generic (feed #31) 9:17am When Crisis happens - Be Humble @jonobacon #LCA2022 https://t.co/GMilSilbdH

January 14th

generic (feed #31) 6:25pm The real lesson of this evening is that we are all better off for knowing @KathyReid. #LCA2022
generic (feed #31) 5:55pm #LCA2022 and now @KathyReid closing out Day 1 inviting us to think about communities as systems Acknowledging the… https://t.co/3MgNksfwsk
generic (feed #31) 1:47pm "If you don't design a fuse in your circuit then your circuit will choose one for you" Jon Oxer #lca2022
generic (feed #31) 10:06am Lol. #lca2022 https://t.co/WOxiXsDCLb
generic (feed #31) 10:06am Community++ #LCA2022 https://t.co/kScs4TRjpw
generic (feed #31) 9:54am I keep thinking what would the world be like if MSoft had stuck with Xenix instead of going off with DOS - Brian Ke… https://t.co/R7kpZMnwJo
generic (feed #31) 9:47am <3 Grep! "We realised we were building tools" - Brian Kernighan #LCA2022 https://t.co/0cqCWGjHvS
generic (feed #31) 9:00am Ready for #lca2022 https://t.co/9wL6Slhqfy

January 12th

generic (feed #31) 10:29am I gave in and have been checking our Wordle, caught out by a UK domain using US spelling 😕

January 9th

generic (feed #30) 7:08pm Social event on Tuesday 11th January 2022

December 31st

blog (feed #25) 4:54pm It was probably omicron

December 29th

librarything (feed #38) 1:25pm Added 5 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
Working Stiff Science Goes Viral: Captivating Accounts of Science in Everyday Life More Rules for Life: A Special Volume for Enthusiasts Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life 488 Rules for Life: The Thankless Art of Being Correct

December 28th

generic (feed #31) 5:05pm Yearly deep clean of my study means an updated panorama: https://t.co/sAbHKARNZQ
flickr (feed #32) 5:03pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Study in Panorama (December 2021)

December 19th

generic (feed #31) 10:08pm A great day at @comedyrepublic_, the hilarious @WaxQuizzical, a great @nathvalvo trial show and the always festive… https://t.co/4wDLrjpETS

December 18th

generic (feed #31) 7:01pm A contrast in podcasts. The informative @ArtoftheScore and later the chaotic #dykwia where @MrJoshEarl phoned it in https://t.co/kqbUtklBbZ
generic (feed #31) 1:21pm I don't understand this type of disruption notification from @ptv_official, didn't even know that Flinders Street s… https://t.co/PGzEuI3FQv

December 7th

generic (feed #30) 9:41pm End of Year Results 2021

November 26th

generic (feed #31) 7:04pm Ready to watch The Mummy with @DoGoOnPod https://t.co/Az2b4Omj9Z

November 25th

generic (feed #30) 8:35pm Monthly competitions in 2022