Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

February 14th

generic (feed #21) 11:54pm Probably Science , Definitely Fun ! Hilarious fun as @ProbablyScience hosts @andytwood @mattkirshen talk Science wi… https://t.co/aUU4J1UQAm

February 9th

generic (feed #21) 1:51pm Always nice when you are next to an empty seat 🤣 https://t.co/gmLSK9gLKz
generic (feed #21) 12:44pm Day 14 - Waiting for breakfast https://t.co/Dj6xAnMppn
flickr (feed #28) 12:27pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 14 - Waiting for breakfast

February 8th

generic (feed #21) 7:30pm Day 13 - Restricted view https://t.co/hR1sISNdop
flickr (feed #28) 7:30pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 13 - Restricted view

February 7th

generic (feed #21) 10:11pm Day 12 - Crisp https://t.co/NHHqHo6tFE
flickr (feed #28) 10:10pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 12 - Crisp

February 6th

generic (feed #21) 9:48pm Day 11 - Communications https://t.co/717KcAVGRl
flickr (feed #28) 9:46pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 11 - Communications

February 5th

generic (feed #23) 10:47pm Posted an item
generic (feed #21) 10:34pm Day 10 - Crooked https://t.co/0CmKgyDBJG
flickr (feed #28) 10:33pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 10 - Crooked

February 4th

generic (feed #21) 10:06pm Day 9 - No services https://t.co/2wuJv5wbiw
flickr (feed #28) 10:05pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 9 - No services

February 3rd

generic (feed #21) 9:50pm Day 8 - Cosy https://t.co/qqFKuRxaPY
flickr (feed #28) 9:48pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 8 - Cosy

February 2nd

generic (feed #21) 7:50pm Day 7 - Sound reflection https://t.co/E6tCzFDrio
flickr (feed #28) 7:49pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 7 - Sound reflection

February 1st

generic (feed #21) 7:36pm Day 6 - Unlined granite https://t.co/zF7yRJynbA
flickr (feed #28) 7:35pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 6 - Unlined granite

January 31st

generic (feed #21) 9:32pm Day 5 - At #ThatWanakaTree https://t.co/TxHip8WXpU
flickr (feed #28) 9:29pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 5 - At #ThatWanakaTree

January 30th

generic (feed #21) 9:34pm Day 4 - Pointy https://t.co/1zuptPmlvf
flickr (feed #28) 9:31pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 4 - Pointy

January 29th

generic (feed #21) 10:12pm Day 3 - Old iron bridge https://t.co/cnTyzHlSco
flickr (feed #28) 10:11pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 3 - Old iron bridge

January 28th

generic (feed #21) 10:42pm Day 2 - The shot everyone takes https://t.co/t7fNPoc11Y
flickr (feed #28) 10:41pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 2 - The shot everyone takes

January 27th

generic (feed #21) 8:08pm Day 1 - Up high looking higher https://t.co/ps1Yh2TsyZ
flickr (feed #28) 8:06pm Posted 2 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Day 1 - Up high looking higher Day 1a - Posing

January 26th

generic (feed #21) 9:16pm Day 0 - A walk along the Avon https://t.co/3BEHaPX0RH
flickr (feed #28) 9:15pm Posted a photo on Flickr.
Day 0 - A walk along the Avon
generic (feed #21) 3:55pm My next installment of conference initiated tourism is two weeks in the South Island of New Zealand #lca2019 https://t.co/165DFn43lI
blog (feed #25) 3:49pm Published a blog post.

January 25th

generic (feed #21) 3:49pm Another great @linuxconfau is over, so long #lca2019 and looking forward to #lca2020 in the Gold Coast https://t.co/A8xoLMzm9E
generic (feed #21) 12:53pm In the Victorian era, the widespread use of arsenic was known to be dangerous, but it was hard to get people to car… https://t.co/6vM1U5yPGJ
generic (feed #21) 12:15pm The goal for open source imaging: echo stethoscope, ultrasound, eventually MRI on YOUR PHONE! #lca2019 https://t.co/jXNBtLxV0C
generic (feed #21) 10:14am “The internet fundamentally changed the world 25 years ago. So why haven’t we learned from our mistakes yet?” — @Loquacities #lca2019
generic (feed #21) 9:32am Bradley Kuhn from conservancy on how the GPL is important to allow us to install alternative firmwares and address… https://t.co/MYBS3IeqVg
generic (feed #21) 8:06am "It's hard to explain WHY https://t.co/JICdOqs0vI is so good. It's like describing a bunch of trees and expecting p… https://t.co/OZpXKDLchS
generic (feed #21) 8:04am “We collaborated for over a year... by which I mean I applied my normal absenteeism approach” @rusty_twit #lca2019
generic (feed #21) 8:04am “Getting along with people is a skill. Empathy, sympathy, communication, giving feedback, receiving feedback, these… https://t.co/V3uEcIPULk

January 24th

generic (feed #21) 11:59am People we don't know, can invent things we can't imagine, thanks to FOSS. #lca2019 https://t.co/Ajc01zxJIJ
generic (feed #21) 10:18am From history to how a browser works, @ErinJZimmer is starting from first principles and working up to advanced conc… https://t.co/HojZS2ceOq
generic (feed #21) 8:46am Some excellent advice on building a tangible personal brand, and for the right reasons, from @Snubs #LCA2019 https://t.co/VlfnOA4UwF
generic (feed #21) 8:46am "If you don't control and manage your brand, others will do it for you." - @Snubs on protecting your identity #lca2019 (Also, 2FA! 2FA!)

January 23rd

generic (feed #21) 3:39pm Big takeaway #lca2019 thank you @o0karen0o https://t.co/CQwzrJE2N9
generic (feed #21) 2:39pm Today I saw someone run perl on an SD card. #lca2019
generic (feed #21) 1:10pm When a talk on ethics in software engineering involves kittens, lollies and quotes from Bene Gesserit witches... ye… https://t.co/pNUFDAYxLd
generic (feed #21) 12:21pm “One of the disadvantaged of lithium ion batteries is that they are capable of... discharging a large amount of ene… https://t.co/tLRCTiQgXv
generic (feed #21) 9:29am “Plastic is Forever: Making Tomu's Injection-Molded Case” — follow along on @xobs talk, on now at #lca2019 https://t.co/GEsFQh9l5G
generic (feed #21) 8:11am And this is why LCA keynotes are fantastic - orgs get speakers that some people go "Oh poo-pah what's the relevance… https://t.co/DHtUYUeqE2
generic (feed #21) 7:49am Extraordinary QOL changes from an open source artificial pancreas system. @OpenAPS @danamlewis cc @samatwork15… https://t.co/6NPm5olRHV
generic (feed #21) 7:48am Iterative innovation - don't start with a wheel, or a chassis, when you're aiming to build a self driving car. Star… https://t.co/fVRfVaifwM

January 22nd

generic (feed #21) 1:37pm Looking forward to hearing about the experiences @valorin has had in cleaning #wordpress malware in his role at… https://t.co/pJLZcTxpme
generic (feed #21) 12:08pm Security systems should protect you regardless of whether it’s your fault or someone else’s. #lca2019 https://t.co/RowfxuhEK9
generic (feed #21) 10:08am First keynote of #lca2019 is Rory Aronson of FarmBot on taking your documentation to the next level. He starts wi… https://t.co/6AaQUrRSqe
generic (feed #21) 10:03am Frivolous is my favorite use of technology! The making of an animated Christmas quilt and programmable ornament.… https://t.co/kNHbdRcXjc

January 21st

generic (feed #21) 9:48pm Checking the temperature at home while I am away. The metal garage roof gets direct sun, but is then shaded by tree… https://t.co/TkEP8buEIW
generic (feed #21) 12:51pm Why automated testing? - Make sure things work. (Users like things that work) - Convenient test cases when you want… https://t.co/oVS43v85B0
generic (feed #21) 12:20pm Part of why NPM gets a bad rap for this is also that JavaScript isn’t seen as a cool or trendy language these days.… https://t.co/9nzHen6Hnt
generic (feed #21) 11:55am Really loving that @joshsimmons is talking about all the benefits of spreadsheets at the Developers miniconf at… https://t.co/RCDc4xTzma
generic (feed #21) 9:33am Great talk on a difficult topic (Linus’ apology and implementation of CoC) from Jen Zajac #lca2019
generic (feed #21) 6:59am The start of a great week #lca2019 https://t.co/cCKrVXF5yA

January 19th

generic (feed #21) 11:17pm Missed approach into CHC was a new experience...
generic (feed #21) 7:09pm Boarded for MEL ✈️ CHC #LCA2019 #linuxconfau
generic (feed #21) 4:56pm Completed my airport ritual of buying a new bottle of water #LCA2019
generic (feed #21) 2:30pm Everything checked off on my todo list with plenty of time before I need to leave, so if I forget anything it's not… https://t.co/w380fBd2eA

January 18th

generic (feed #21) 9:00am Today's unicode fun... need to allow for Đ in CZ licence plates, but what to do if Ð or Ɖ are entered?

January 13th

librarything (feed #22) 10:43pm Added 3 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies by Graham Elwood I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes Aardman: An Epic Journey: Taken One Frame at a Time by Peter Lord
generic (feed #21) 11:03am The Australia tour is on! We're firming up plans, but it'll be taking place in the window of Feb 1-23. If you live… https://t.co/FBlDsCFgsm

January 1st

generic (feed #23) 10:41am Posted an item

December 30th

generic (feed #23) 10:01pm Posted an item
generic (feed #21) 4:54pm This #lego set is 76x20cm in driving position, and conveniently an #ikea billy shelf is 76x26cm https://t.co/UavpKzSngS

December 29th

generic (feed #21) 11:05am 4057 pieces #lego https://t.co/uszvDqkrCf

December 28th

generic (feed #21) 9:42pm ...and complete #lego https://t.co/6H5poBqbn9

December 27th

generic (feed #21) 11:26pm Coming together... #lego https://t.co/KLBG3kzu6X
generic (feed #21) 6:43pm This seems to be an appropriate place to start... #lego https://t.co/OZq3UjVrPl

December 24th

generic (feed #21) 8:42pm Preparing some #goodeats for tomorrow https://t.co/vHUIw9Iorv

December 22nd

generic (feed #21) 1:41pm The filiment is ok, but I think I see the problem... https://t.co/zi6aJg0Yyw

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