Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:


generic (feed #21) 6:29pm I sold some #lego sets to make space, so now starting assembly of a recent acquisition https://t.co/g1Ji4VqJ2X

August 17th

generic (feed #23) 9:39pm Posted an item

August 14th

generic (feed #23) 10:37pm Posted an item

August 11th

librarything (feed #22) 9:25pm Added 6 books on LibraryThing. (Hide Details)
Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo by Nicholas De Monchaux All These Worlds: by Dennis E Taylor We Are Legion (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor For We Are Many by Dennis E. Taylor Artemis by Andy Weir The Bed of Procrustes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

August 3rd

generic (feed #21) 11:06pm Brilliant screening of @vitamaniamovie and q&a with @veritasium and @pembertonfilms (with unexpected inclusion of… https://t.co/izPT5Df7lk

July 31st

generic (feed #21) 8:14pm I know what I'm doing tonight... #lego #licensetobuild https://t.co/7wUUnszS6a

July 29th

generic (feed #23) 10:30pm Posted an item

July 19th

generic (feed #21) 11:10pm Last Saturday I spent the morning at a motocross track with others from the camera club: https://t.co/Y7CLsLtPZR
flickr (feed #27) 11:01pm Posted 15 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Final corner Close behind Bolting Twisted Over the photographers Scuffed Touchdown Out in front Left to right Acceleration Concentration Coming down Powering through Overgrown Open Saturday

July 17th

generic (feed #21) 6:36pm Not a fan of @ptv_official deleting travel updates once service is back instead of clearly stating that the issue h… https://t.co/KXZQSK9Sy6

July 8th

generic (feed #21) 5:50pm A programmer’s job is not to write code; it is to understand problems and implement solutions. Thus it’s mostly about communicating.

July 5th

generic (feed #23) 7:34pm Posted an item

June 30th

generic (feed #21) 11:35pm On my way to #kohsamuipodfest18 I stopped in Singapore to take a couple of photos: https://t.co/5pt9yIESo6
flickr (feed #27) 11:28pm Posted 80 photos on Flickr. (Hide Details)
Shutters Pods Tower Hard and soft Lights Golden Temple Lanterns Low bridge Fullerton Lotus inspired Downtown Prickly Hoods Underneath Merlion Dining Customs House Blue on green Alcove Up Lone Twisted Modern Curved ramp Landmarks Ahead slope Round pump house Totem Supports Shadows Nose Inside ArtScience Museum Window On edge Around the bay Curved Petals Mid morning Pinnacle Mast Setting Domes Peeking over Above Belly Ripples Forest Perched Enclosed Stampede Carved Niche Blobs Walkway Misting Stoic Outflow Bricks and nature Delicate Tendrils Moss Knob Behind the falls Puff Carved dragon Round window Artificial falls Rabbit or dog Leaving the station Standing over Curve Tree through the trees Slight turn Man-made Balloon reflection Curved walk Attractions

June 29th

generic (feed #21) 11:26am As a kid #voltron was a toy that I coveted, now we have the official #lego announcement... https://t.co/t7pf65zH62

June 24th

generic (feed #21) 12:52pm Psst, hey Melbourne, wanna hang out later in the year? 7 weeks of podcasts and stand up https://t.co/2Na1ldWWWi https://t.co/eFC42FjCF2

June 23rd

generic (feed #21) 5:52am Ahh, the familiar cold weather of Melbourne

June 22nd

generic (feed #21) 2:11pm Waiting at BKK https://t.co/LmHRUHCirF
generic (feed #21) 11:26am It's been a phenomenal trip for #kohsamuipodfest18 but now back in transit mode for BKK-SIN-MEL

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