Most people would want to go straight to my computer collection or my photos on Flickr. Otherwise you can see what I have been doing recently:

July 17th

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Used my air fryer for the first time in a while... reminded that the timer knob was still broken since last year... remembered that I now have a 3d printer and the internet: printables.com/model/803719-kn

Close up of the controls of an air fryer, the top timer knob is 3d printed

July 14th

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Thoughts on my first few days with a 3D printer: popcorn.cx/blog/2024/07/my-fir

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July 11th

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Earlier in the week I designed and ordered my first custom PCB, I can now also up the level of my projects with this:

White 3D print of a small boat, the "Benchy" benchmark print

July 8th

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Working out how to drive this RGB button was the easy part, figuring out a clean, compact and reliable way to mount it is the real challenge. I may need to finally delve into designing and ordering a custom PCB...

Electronics breadboard with a D1 Mini microcontroller connected to an RGB illuminated button by a mess of wires

July 6th

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Two in the station (K183) Cruising (K183) Coasting (K183) Climbing (K190) Slight dip (K190) In motion (K183)

July 2nd

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June 30th

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Glued laminated timber Panel gap

June 29th

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I know this is now "old" but I finally dug the kit out of the cupboard and gave photographing water drops a go...

Arrangement of four photos of water drops splashing into water making unusual shapes

June 26th

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Love Triangle: The Life-changing Magic of Trigonometry

June 21st

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June 20th

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June 4th

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June 3rd

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Double decker

June 2nd

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Wobbly tram Victa

May 31st

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The relief when that new noise turns out to be from a fan and not a hard drive