My name is Stephen Edmonds and popcorn.cx is my personal domain. I wanted something that was suitably abstract enough for both personal and professional uses.

After completing a Bachelor of Computer Science at Monash University I then worked there until the end of 2013. I was primariliy involved in everything and anything related to my.monash (the staff and student portal) and for the last few years also the email system including the transition of the university to Google Apps.

After a long overdue break (which included a couple of trips, one for almost a month in the US) I now work for a company in the Melbourne CBD doing software development.

One of the many things that I enjoy is photography, I would consider myself an enthusiastic amateur. Although I need to get out with my camera more often, I do enjoy being part of a local camera club as well as an active online community.

Another interest of mine is skepticism, primarily along the lines of scientific skepticism and evidence based critial thinking. While I have always been fascinated by science and engineering, it is only over the last few years that I have become more active by going to conventions and joining local skeptic groups.

I used to collect old computers, but apart from what is still stored at my parents place I have not done that in a long time. I cannot believe that it is now over a decade since a couple of friends and I used to run Monash Region LAN, a small computer gaming group.

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