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Time management

Monday, July 18th, 2005 at 01:30am

Hi, my name is Stephen and I have a problem with time management.

In all seriousness this is true both with the time I spend at work as well as the time I spend at home. While it is going to be frustrating for the next six weeks as work as I will be 50% acting manager of the development team it is much more frustrating in relation to my personal projects.

This weekend just past is a perfect example as all I really did was go see a movie with a friend and drop my wheel off at the bike shop. That accounts for around three hours out of twenty-eight (fourty eight minus ten hours a day for sleep) leaving twenty-five. Including the three or so hours that I spent on saturday playing with Transformers and another two hours sorting out computers from my computer collection takes it down to twenty. What did I do in all that time? I know I didn’t work on any of the projects that I’ve been thinking about such as finding a nice RSS aggregator that suits my needs.

It is interesting that the site 43 Folders and the book that that site was inspired by keep popping up. Maybe they are onto something that works…

(It is ironic that I am sitting here at 1:30AM typing this when I should be asleep as I need to get up in six hours in order to go to work.)

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Google can be too helpful sometimes

Sunday, October 10th, 2004 at 10:19pm

A few months ago when I started to write up my paper for the ODSC conference in December I used google to find information about how to do it. Since I’m planning on doing a practice run at perl mongers this Wednesday I thought I might as well procrastinate in a productive way by reading through some of them again.

One specific one I was looking for was a slightly tongue-in-cheek presentation about how to make a presentation. Unfortunately since I couldn’t remember exactly what it was called (or had bookmarked it) I spent around about an hour looking through the results of various google searches with little luck.

Fortunately I recalled that it might have been linked from and article on which narrowed my search significantly. The article I then found was Giving Lightning Talks which includes a link at the end to Conference Presentation Judo….

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