More Than Meets the Eye

Saturday, July 16th, 2005 at 04:17pm

A slashdot article earlier this week prompted a fairly long discussion at work about Transformers and what toys each person had.

As a followup to this I dug around in the roof this afternoon to confirm my memories of which Transformers I had. So what do I find? Two triple changers, two cars and two mini vehicles:

It appears that I had combined Kup and Blurr in my memory as it was a surpise to find that they were two different toys. Anyway the four non-mini vehicles have all of their weapons as well as their instruction booklet. Unfortunately I no longer have any of the boxes. I suppose that is what you get by having toys as toys, not as collection items.

With each toy came a brochure showing the complete (at the time) range and one of the pages is a checklist, obviously so kids could tick them off and then go nag their parents for the ones they didn’t have. It appears that I did this very action but instead of just the above six being checked there was one more: Groove, a motorcycle which does prompt a vague memory.

As well as the Transformers I have two other transforming robot toys. The first is a pale blue Porsche 928S with the racing number 38 that, thanks to Google, I initially believed to be a Bandai DX RoboMachine Porsche 928S but it the caption of a photo at the end of a review for the Robo Machines DX Sports Car II labels it as a second release of a Robo Machine Porsche 928S. All I can be really sure about is that it has ‘Porsche 928S’ and what I understand to be the Robo Machines DX logo on the underside.

The second non Transformers toy is a small Police Patrol car. Another Robo Machine but in the vein of the Transformers mini vehicles.

It was very nostalgic playing with these toys…

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