Conference is over…

Friday, December 3rd, 2004 at 8:45 pm

The third and final day of OSDC

  • MySQL In 2005 by Luke Welling
    This keynote talked a fair bit about the composition of MySQL as an international company that makes most of it’s revenue from licensing and support to a very small percentage of the userbase.
  • Docbook by Scott Penrose
  • Regexp::Common by Abigail
  • Developing the Monash Research Directory by Stephen Edmonds
    I was forced to go to the talk because I was presenting it…
  • Lightning talks
  • Templates Templates everywhere but not a drop to drink by Scott Penrose
  • Lightning talks
    All that I recall from this session was Damian’s two small talks, one of which was another song…
  • Sufficiently Advanced Technology by Damian Conway
    Damien’s talks are always good value, his keynotes expecially so, and this one was about you should be writing modules that make things happen in the rest of your program with little or no work.

I also won a copy of Essential CVS because my answer of K3.21 to the question of what was the actual room number of ‘room 1’ was close enough… K3.21 was actually ‘room 2’ with K3.07 being the truly correct answer.

In all the conference was excellent and I can’t wait until next year…

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