Mostly through day 1 of the OSDC

Wednesday, December 1st, 2004 at 03:03pm

The first day of the Open Source Developers’ Conference is almost over and so far it has been pretty good with the talks (that I attended) so far being:

  • Perl 6: OO Made Insanely Great by Dr Damian Conway
    Although this was essentially the same as the Perl 6 that I heard him give back in February it was still interesting as I had forgotten much of it.
  • Beware of Benchmark by Abigail
    A number of potential issues exist with the Benchmark module such as being aware that the code under test is run with no strict and that you must make sure that the code isn’t optimised away.
  • The trials and tribulations of a test suite in Perl by Scott Penrose
  • Evolution of a Perl-based Knowledge Portal by Robert Barta
    This was pretty interesting but I will probably need a lot of time to actually understand topic maps.
  • Open Database Access Protocol (ODAP) by Clancy Malcolm
  • Managing an Open Source Development Environment by Nathan Bailey

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