Day 1 Complete

Wednesday, December 1st, 2004 at 10:07pm

The first day of the conference concluded with the social dinner which means my talk tally now includes:

  • Coding standards while programming in PHP by Jeffery Fernandez
    This was pretty much a waste of time for me as it only covered the basics of coding standards, consistent naming and formatting.
  • Doing stupid things in Perl by Paul Fenwick
    This was an excellent reminder of the stupid things that people often do and it was a laugh to see one of them being something Paul found in the portal code when he was in on a contract.
  • How to Make Money from Open Source Software by Con Zymaris
    The actual talk was a bit of a disappointment as I was full of food (it was at the social dinner) and couldn’t really hear him (no decent sound setup). However since I was a reviewer for this talk I know the content was interesting…

Under 37 hours until my talk. Maybe I should get around to finishing off the slides…

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