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Another successful geohashing expedition

Saturday, February 14th, 2009 at 11:01pm

As mentioned earlier today’s geohashing location was in an achievable location. In the end I decided to ride over and arrived just after 4PM, at which point I took some photos and wrote out ‘XKCD’ in a patch of bare ground.

More details and photos are now up on the expedition page, which is how I know that myka, one who made it to last week’s location, was at today’s location, but an hour later.

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Third local geohashing location in a row

Saturday, February 14th, 2009 at 02:22pm

Last Saturday I hoped that today’s weather would be much more reasonable – though I can’t complain as while I was uncomforable, it was nothing in comparison to those affected by the bushfires – and had the implied hope that geohashing location would be close by.

It is and it is, so I guess I have to go.

The Melbourne weather forecast is for 28°C with the local temperature being 26°C.

Today’s geohash location is in the backyard of 186 Central Road, Nunawading, around 8km from where I am now.

If I had checked the location earlier in the day I would have done things a bit differently as I have only just returned from a short ride after picking my bike up from a service. Instead I would have picked it up a bit later in the afternoon and ridden over to Nunawading from there.

I was thinking of going out to do some shopping, so I could just drive over. But I have just checked the wiki and seen that there was someone else made it to the location by train and bicycle last week. Maybe I will ride over.

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Missing geohashing opportunities

Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 11:07am

Today’s geohashing location falls not that far away at the edge of a park in Endeavour Hills.

But as the forecast temperature is 44°C and it has already reached 38.2°C, it is extreemly unlikely that I will be making an effort to get there. Originally I was busy, but the temperature has pushed an afternoon BBQ back to a dinner, so I do have time to go, but I won’t.

Last Saturday’s location was also nearby, in Doveton which is southwest of today’s location. It is also not far from the bicycle path along the Eumemmering Creek. But I decided not to go as although the temperature had dropped from above 40°C as the preceeding three days had been, it was still around 35°C.

Going back two weeks, the Saturday location didn’t fall nearby, but in a different graticule it was at the edge of Morwell National Park. Originally I was going to accompany a friend to pick something up from the Gippsland area and we were thinking about trying to get to the geohashing location or to attempt some geocaches. I shouldn’t have cancelled.

So there it is, three Saturdays in a row where, if I were really determined, I could have reached the official meetup location. I’m hoping that the weather is much more reasonable next weekend.

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Geohashing again by bicycle

Sunday, January 11th, 2009 at 08:48pm

I went on my fourth Geohashing expedition yesterday. While I have previously mentioned the first one and the second one, I haven’t mentioned the third one as there wasn’t much to say.

After looking up the location and seeing that it was not too far away in Boronia, and more importantly quite close to the Blind Creek Trail, I decided to ride over to arrive just before 4PM. I waited around for about 20 minutes, but no one else arrived so I left.

Instead of heading back the way I came I continued on to the Ringwood-Belgrave Rail Trail and headed towards Bayswater and the Dandenong Creek Trail:

Bicycle Path - Gardiners Creek Trail (upper) at

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Geohashing, this time with other people

Saturday, October 18th, 2008 at 04:50pm

This afternoon I drove down to Fountain Gate to complete my second Geohashing expedition. Amazingly shortly after I arrived two other people arrived. We hung around for about half an hour and even picked up some rubbish.

More details (including photos) are on the expedition page.

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My first geohashing expedition

Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 10:41pm

Ever since The Alogorithm was first announced I have wanted to go on an expedition.

Last Saturday I was a bit late in checking for the days location (it was after the official 4pm meetup time), but as it was so close to home I had no option but to ride over. More details can be found on the expedition page which I have just finished updating with my info and photos.

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