Missing geohashing opportunities

Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 11:07am

Today’s geohashing location falls not that far away at the edge of a park in Endeavour Hills.

But as the forecast temperature is 44°C and it has already reached 38.2°C, it is extreemly unlikely that I will be making an effort to get there. Originally I was busy, but the temperature has pushed an afternoon BBQ back to a dinner, so I do have time to go, but I won’t.

Last Saturday’s location was also nearby, in Doveton which is southwest of today’s location. It is also not far from the bicycle path along the Eumemmering Creek. But I decided not to go as although the temperature had dropped from above 40°C as the preceeding three days had been, it was still around 35°C.

Going back two weeks, the Saturday location didn’t fall nearby, but in a different graticule it was at the edge of Morwell National Park. Originally I was going to accompany a friend to pick something up from the Gippsland area and we were thinking about trying to get to the geohashing location or to attempt some geocaches. I shouldn’t have cancelled.

So there it is, three Saturdays in a row where, if I were really determined, I could have reached the official meetup location. I’m hoping that the weather is much more reasonable next weekend.

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