Access logs

Thursday, December 23rd, 2004 at 10:58pm

Every couple of weeks I have a look at the access log reports (generated by AWStats) for There are typically around 600 ‘visitors’ per month using up a massive 250MB of my bandwidth quota so there isn’t much to see. Ignoring my own hits in order to update this blog most of the traffic is for the inactive Stephen’s Wallace and Gromit Page. Following behind that is my collection of old computers.

The section in the stats report that interests me the the most is ‘Links from an external page’ which invariably starts off with the The Wallace and Gromit Web Ring but then gets interesting with the current report including:

The stats for Amusement Ride Extravaganza, for which I look after the technical side, are a totally different story with at least 4000 ‘visitors’ and 4GB of transfers a month…

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