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A talk at Perl Mongers

Sunday, August 17th, 2008 at 09:11pm

Last Wednesday at Perl Mongers I gave a talk on handling non-ASCII characters in Perl. The slides are now available.

However I really need to acknowledge Juerd Waalboer, the author of the Perl Unicode Tutorial. It was only after finding his Perl Unicode Advice page and the slides from his Perl Unicode Tutorial from YAPC::Europe 2007 that changed what looked like a really horrible problem into something much simpler.

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The first perl mongers of 2006

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006 at 11:37pm

Tonight was the first Melbourne Perl Mongers meeting of the year. Normally the meeting is on the second Wednesday of all months except for January. As the December meeting was overshadowed by OSDC 2005 and the February meeting will actually be a OSDClub meeting it was felt that a casual meeting with a few lightning talks would be appropriate.

Back in December while on the train to the third day of the conference I had an idea for a lightning talk: use photos to tell the story of why I scrape eBay into an iCal file that is then sync to my phone so I automatically get reminders about auctions I am watching or bidding on. Around about 95% of the talk would be gratuitous photos of my computer collection.

Now I actually spent about fifteen minutes on Tuesday night taking semi-random photos of my collection with the intention of taking the remaining photos (such as a screen showing the end of an eBay auction) sometime today. That did not happen. However when I saw that there were only three people prepared to do talks this evening I for some unknown reason (suspicion is placed with the two pints of pre-meeting beer) stuck my hand up with the intention of winging the actual perl related parts of the talk.

So after a minute or so flipping through the photos I had taken on Tuesday I ended up just browsing through this site to bring up the detailed photos of the interesting items in the collection. I have no idea how well the talk went but it did spur a couple of conversations about old hardware over dinner at the pub and I may end up getting a few new items…

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