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Fascinated by the strangest things

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006 at 11:41am

At times I am stunned at what can hold my attention.

Around about a week ago I spend most of an evening reading about one couple who have spent the last four years travelling around america in their truck camper. I didn’t look at anything they said about where they has been, instead I got sucked in reading about their setup which included getting a new truck with a custom body, the electrical system of the camper, and musings on their choice of camper.

Last night I spend well over an hour reading about another project where an old school bus was converted into a motor home over the course of eighteen months. What was interesting about this one was that almost all of the materials were obtained for free from places such as local dumpsters.

I suspect that I am was easily fascinated by these sites as I am finding reasons to not work on my OSDC paper. Procrastination is a hard mistress…

(After some more thought I realised that the time I spent writing this post is even more procrastination…)

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There is too much good content around

Wednesday, October 8th, 2003 at 09:09pm

Following on from my rediscovery of Wiki’s yesterday I have found a lot of pages that I want to read but just will never be able to find the time…

One page that I did manage to find time to read was How to Write for the Web by Jakob Nielsen. I regularily read his Alterbox column so I must have already read it but I can’t remember doing so…

Anyway, the point of bringing this up is that it confirms my philisophy that you should be lazy and say all you need to in the minimum amount of text possible.

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