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The islands are no longer just painted on

Friday, May 1st, 2009 at 10:07pm

A bit over a year ago I took this photo of England Road after it was changed from having no line markings to having a shoulder for parking and a series of painted islands between the traffic lanes:

Is this legal parking?

Since I took that photo I have been varying my route home, but I usually go this way once or twice a week. Earlier in the week work began on the four painted islands and yesterday I took this photo of the result, all four are now actualy traffic islands:

The islands are no longer just painted on

(The photo isn’t the best, it was quite late and there wasn’t much light, and in hindsight I should have recreated the original photo.)

So what does this mean?

Previously when riding home this way cars would simply drive over the painted islands (I still don’t know what the road rule is about that), but now I suppose that they have two choices:

  • wait until after the traffic islands where there is space for them to overtake; or
  • try to overtake in one of the gaps between the islands.

I sure hope that they choose the first option, there is not space for the second.

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