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Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 at 08:05pm

I have just finished sorting through the 400 odd links that I had bookmarked on Delicious, but for some reason had not tagged.

It was interesting looking back at articles and other pages that I had deemed it worthwhile to bookmark. About half my time was spend re-reading these, and not just to determine the appropriate tags.

However, one frustrating thing was that around half of them were for pages that no longer exist. This is a real shame as it has only been three years since I started using Delicious. I wonder how many of my other bookmarked links are still valid. I hope it is a lot more than 50%.

Now I need to properly tag the bookmarks that are just tagged with to-read. Reading them at the same time of course.

I also need to finish tagging many of these posts. Some of which are not tagged and others not very well.

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