Friday, January 21st, 2022 at 06:58pm

I have a number of LEGO sets on display in my house, in the lounge room are my various Technic sets, while in my study are almost all Creator or Ideas:

Study in Panorama (December 2021)

Over the years there has been variation as sets are added, sets are removed or sets are just rearranged. One decision I made early on was that I would stick with the low Billy shelves. While the tall shelves would give a lot more space for sets I felt it would be too much and I wanted to still keep a sense of space. Plus keeping the shelves low means there is still wall space for my photos.

A while ago I noticed that some of the sets I were keeping on display were vehicles from iconic movies such as Luke’s speeder, the Ecto-1, the Delorean and the light cycles from Tron. These are all official sets and a few times I have been disappointed when sets I would have wanted have been put up for LEGO Ideas, but then not made it through.

But the world of LEGO fans is huge (known as AFOL or adult fan of LEGO) and many of them share instructions for their creations, known as MOCs or My Own Creation. There are those proposed through LEGO Ideas, but there are also many others available through sites such as Rebrickable and BrickLink. There were even bookmarks to a could of MOCs that I had been holding on to for a while…

These sets looked fantastic, good enough that at the start of the year I was happy to pay the small amount for the instructions. I loaded the parts lists into Bricklink (previously used to get missing pieces for the 8860 car chassis and the pieces for the Curiosity Rover and the (earlier) Lunar Lander), pulled pieces from the loose brick that I have and then started shopping. In the end I had a few different orders under way, some in Australia but others international.

The third of these orders arrived today which meant that I had enough pieces to put together the first vehicle. From this collection of parts:

I used these Rebrickable instructions: LEGO MOC Jurassic Park Staff Jeep by Miro

To put together this vehicle:

Jurassic Park Staff Jeep in LEGO

I’m awating a couple more orders which should arrive in the coming weeks, giving the final pieces to assemble four more vehicles.

This also inspired me to do something else that I had been thinking about in the background, to create my own MOC of something significant from my past. I couldn’t find an existing MOC for this thing, but there are MOCs of similar things that I am gettings ideas from. Last year I had started to design it digitally, but as I currently have LEGO pieces out I decided to commence making it a reality:

I’m quite happy where this is going, but I’m not going to reveal any more until I have made more progress. Although I have used white pieces so far, the final version will be using light bluish gray to represent platinum not snow white.

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