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Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 at 06:16pm

Many years ago I picked up a bulk lot of Lego because it included most of a set that I had always dreamed of having, the Car Chassis from 1980:

Lego Car Chassis (8860) with box

The most obvious pieces missing are two of the wheels, so at the time I picked up some replacements through eBay and that is how the set has been since then. When I put the set together I kept a list of the missing pieces, which I forgot about until coming across it around the same time that this video came out showing how to use BrickLink to part out a set and order the pieces from various sellers:

How to buy cheap retired LEGO sets LEGALLY! – YouTube

Although there were a couple of sets I wanted to try this on, I decided to test out the process using the handfull of missing pieces from the Car Chassis. This was successful and while I haven’t gone back to add those pieces to the assembled set, I have put together two sets at a cost lower than a used set is selling for and much lower than what a new set sells for.

So which sets am I referring to?

First up was the Curiosity Rover:

LEGO 21104 NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

Followed by a Lunar Lander:

LEGO 10029 Lunar Lander

For the lunar lander in particular I opted to not to get the stickers or the minifigs, while they would have been nice, they were also the same price as all the other pieces combined, so no.

In confunction with a Space Shuttle, a Saturn V and Women of NASA, I now have the top of two Billy bookcases dedicated to NASA sets. I’m not sure if there are any other sets I will put together this way, but I won’t rule it out…

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