All roads lead via … Sunshine West

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 at 09:43pm

Over the past couple of years I have been ordering more things online that are being delivered with tracking. This means that instead of just waiting for the item to arrive, I can now spend too much time checking its status.

Something I have noticed is that parcels will go via Sunshine West, even if they are coming from near the destination.

A recent order from Myer is an interesting example with it being shipped from the store in Doncaster and this is in the tracking they display:

Seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it? But the tracking from Australia Post shows a few intermediate destinations:

At face value it seems like a waste to sent the parcel on such an indirect path, but I assume it is actually more efficient (probably people time) to handle all parcels via a central location.

Another aspect I have noticed is that when ordering from a solely online store that the items will be shipped from a warehouse, but for places like Myer where online ordering is a recent addition to their physical stores it appears like the item is shipped from a “nearby” store that has stock. But should they ship from a store near the destination, or from a store near where parcels are handled?

Though no matter what I find intersting about parcel delivery, I am glad I don’t have the issues that Dave Hall has in country Victoria:

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