That missing day

Saturday, April 30th, 2011 at 4:07 pm

During my road trip I had two technology failures, a lens and a memory card.

Luckily there is a Canon service centre around the corner from work so it was a no-brainer to drop it off one morning before work. A little over two weeks later I returned, parted with $165 and have my everyday lens back. Being able to zoom again is quite handy.

The memory card wasn’t as straightforward. First I started off by contacting SanDisk to find out how a warranty claim would be affected by sending the card to a data recovery company. They said it would be ok so I posted the card to their recommended data recovery company in the UK.

The timeframe from me posting the card, the company advising what data they has recovered, me confirming the recovery, and return postage of the card and DVDs with the data also took a little over two weeks. Apart from the charge to my credit card, it was otherwise painless.

That was a few days ago and today I selected a few of them to add to the set on Flickr.

And those three images I had to ask you to pretend were in the previous blog post? How about these:



The lights finally came on

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