Another technology failure

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 10:36pm

I was intending to upload a number of (possibly) good photos tonight. But somewhere between taking my last photo of the Busselton Jetty in the fading light and plugging the CF card into the laptop at the motel, the card had gone bad. That means I have probably lost all the photos I have taken today, thankfully it is only today, not also the last ten days as I have been making redundant copies every night.

I have attempted to use PhotoRec (which I have used successfully before) to recover the photos. But the card isn’t even coming up as a device, so PhotoRec is no help. I need to access the card at a very low level, which I can’t do here, but I may be able to do at home with an old CF to IDE adapter under Linux.

So what are the photos that I cannot show?

After staying at a motel in Augusta our first stop was the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where we climbed up to the top as part of the tour. We also stopped by the old waterwheel which was used to pump water up to the lighthouse outbuildings.

[pretend there is a photo of the lighthouse and/or water wheel here]

Next was a self guided tour of Mammoth Cave. We chose this cave because the self guided tour fitted in better with our fluid schedule, we didn’t want to just miss out on a scheduled tour and have to wait around for the next one.

[pretend there is a photo from within the cave here]

After the cave, and before hunting for somewhere to stop for lunch, we dropped by the Leeuwin Estate winery where we picked up some passengers, in the form of 750mL glass containers, before a quick spin through Margaret River, a failed hunt for somewhere to stop for lunch in Prevelly before finally stopping near Gracetown for that lunch. Another two passengers were picked up at the Flying Fish Cove winery on our way to Cape Naturaliste, where we failed to get near the lighthouse for photos as it was closed.

The day was rounded off by a light dinner opposite the Busselton Jetty followed by after sunset photos of that jetty.

[pretend there is a long exposure photo of the jetty at dusk here]

Tomorrow we are off to Perth, but we will start the day by visting the jetty (world’s longest wooden jetty) again (but going along it to the end instead of just photos from the shore) and likely end it with dinner in Fremantle before the first of two nights in Perth.

Update: I sent the CF card to a data recovery company who recovered the data. See my followup post for images to fill in the three gaps above.

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