Drive, drive, drive some more

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 at 11:19 pm

All of today and half of yesterday was all about driving. Driving the 1500 kilometres from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia all of the way acorss the Nullabor to Ceduna in South Australia. We have also lost two and a half hours due to the time zone change.

So why? Because this was mostly covering ground we had already covered.

On Monday we forced ourselves to get up early in order to make it to the Super Pit Tour. This is a two and half hour tour (mostly on a minibus) inside the KCGM area. While we didn’t actually go into the Super Pit, we did get to see it from internal lookouts as well as seeing the gold processing plant, truck workshops, and the trucks up close.

After this we grabbed some lunch before heading up to the public lookout to watch what turned out to be a not very impressive blast within the Super Pit. This over, we headed for Balladonia, where we had previously left the Eyre Highway for Esperance. The distance of this leg was 500 kilometres and apart from a left turn at Norseman was quite boring.


The uneventful drive was repeated today, 500 kilometres from Balladonia to Eucla where we stopped for lunch and then another 500 kilometres to Ceduna where we are for the night. Apart from the decorated trees there was still nothing to see in the morning, while in the afternoon we saw no need to stop again at the Koonalda Homestead or at any of the clifftop lookouts. However before checking into the motel, we stopped by the jetty here in Ceduna for the last of the sunset.

Sunset over Ceduna jetty

Tomorrow we are back to fresh ground, the area around Ceduna and then across the top of the Eyre Peninsula to Port Augusta.

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