Nothing to see, except underwear in a tree

Thursday, March 10th, 2011 at 9:19 pm

I can tell you that there is very little to see on the road from Eucla to Belladonia, the only place we stopped (apart from for fuel) was the lookout above the Madura Roadhouse.

Madura Pass

However along the way we did see a number of oversize loads containing mining equipment, the largest being two CAT 785C Mining Trucks stopped at the Cocklebiddy Roadhouse. The few other items of note include trees decorated with objects (underwear, shoes, etc), the old microwave repeater towers and the fibre optic repeater stations with their banks of solar panels.

CAT 785C Mining Truck being transported

As there was nothing to stop for, we made good time so we arrived at the Balladonia Roadhouse much earlier than expected. Instead of stopping for the night, we continued on along the Balladonia Road which cuts the Norseman corner and heads south west towards Esperance. This road starts out with big warning signs about it being a 4×4 only road that is not suitable for caravans. Of course we headed down it. It was a pretty rough road, but not a problem for us. Again there wasn’t much to see, a couple of big rocks and an old homestead.

Deralanyah Homestead

Once we reached the coast a detour via Cape Le Grand National Park for panorama shots of Lucky Bay and sunset shots at Le Grand Beach rounded out the day before arriving at Esperance. Tomorrow will be the area around Esperance and then off to the Stirling Ranges, ready to (hopefully) climb Bluff Knoll the following day.

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand (beach level)

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