I have power… Lego power functions

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 at 05:40pm

Six months ago when I bought my first Lego set in years, the 8294 Excavator, I temporarily motorised it using the motor from my old Lego sets.

Since then I have been keeping an eye out for the current power functions motor set. None of the physical stores bother to stock it, so I had to turn to online stores. Even though a lot of them list the set, they don’t have it in stock.

However, there are a couple of sellers on eBay that were listing (and selling) the set on a regular basis. So, after just thinking about it for a while, this morning I bought the set from a seller that is located nearby and offers pickup. A few emails and a short drive later and I had it, and I have just finished adding it into the Excavator.

It is fun.

But it is also quite nice how the new style of motor, battery box and switch fit completely inside the model. I am a bit disappointed that the Excavator doesn’t use the lights, even though there are places on the boom there it looks like they would go.

After all this I have a decision to make. After seeing some videos of the Motorized Bulldozer – it’s remote controlled! – I want one.

Should I?

(After seeing this video I want the other bulldozer, but that’s a custom build)

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