Sunday saver is the ticket

Sunday, March 12th, 2006 at 03:34pm

For the second Sunday in a row I have gone for a bike ride, something I would have been less inclined to do if I had to pay the regular price for a train ticket.

Last week Damien and I caught the first train (at 7:30AM) from Glen Waverley in order to get to Laverton by 9:00AM. We then rode around the bay through Altona, Williamstown, Port Melbourne and Elwood to get to Brighton where we jumped back on the train to get home. On any other day of the week we would have had to purchase a Zone 1+2 daily full fare ticket at a cost of AU$9.70 each. However we only paid AU$2.50 each for a Sunday Saver which allows travel over all three zones for the entire day.

This morning I rode up along the Dandenong Creek to Bayswater where I caught the train into East Camberwell. From there I rode down the lower section of the old outer circle and then back home along the Glen Waverley train line. For my single trip from Bayswater to East Camberwell I would have had to have spend AU$7.20 on a Zone 1+2+3 two hour full fare ticket. Again I was spared this by getting another Sunday Saver.

My current plan is to go for a ride every Sunday morning which will be much more interesting if I include a train journey…

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