Different del.icio.us integration

Friday, December 23rd, 2005 at 08:20pm

For a while now I have integrated del.icio.us with my site via the RSS feeds. This was a workable solution except that there were two issues:

  • First it was dependant on fetching the RSS feeds from del.icio.us during a page load. This didn’t always work, as shown by the outage last week;
  • Second it only enabled me to automatically include links at the leafs of the tree that is my computer collection as the RSS feed for a manufacturer page (eg computers+apple) also included all the item specific links (eg computers+apple+powermac+6400).

So what did I do? I pretty much copied the code from PHP Parsing Del.icio.us except that I grab all my links and load them into the database instead of writing them to a text file. Then I modified my display code to take into account any sub-branches and exclude them.

The main benefit is that each page load is only dependant on the local database and I am also no longer constrained by the thirty link limit of the RSS feeds.

I still need to wean my links page away from the RSS feeds as well…

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