Sunday, February 6th, 2005 at 08:04pm

Thanks to Magpie RSS I have been able to integrate directly into this site.

The first place was for the ‘Other resources’ section at the bottom of the pages for the items in my computer collection. Once I saw a parallel between the directory structure I use and possible tags it was a trivial matter to retrieve the corresponding links. So far I have only done a couple of pages, one of which being the PowerMac 9600, with very few links. The advantage of this will become much more evident as I continue sorting through my bookmarks and posting them to

The second place was to replace my links section with the links for a selected number of tags.

Now I need to remember to add descriptions to links as I post them and also go back through the links I have already posted. Doing this will bring a higher level of content to my site. And since content is king it is unlikely to be negative…

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