It’s alive!

Friday, September 30th, 2005 at 09:09pm

This afternoon the server that hosts this site suffered a drive failure and it wasn’t until around twenty minutes ago that the faulty hardware was replaced and all data restored by the hosting people. What it did make me realise is that while the canonical version of most of this site (computer collection, Wallace and Gromit, and photos) is on one of my boxes at home (and incrementally backed up daily) all of these blog entries are in a database that is on a box in the US.

Every so often I perform an export/import so that I have a copy at home but today I realised that the last time I did that was back in July… Thanks to Google‘s cache I would have been able to manually recover the posts I had made since then but that is not a robust solution. I need to set it up so that I automatically grab a dump of the database at regular intervals like I do with my bookmarks…

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