Finally lid closed mode is working

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005 at 07:25pm

Over twelve months ago when I got my 12″ PowerBook my plan was to run it through my four port KVM.

Six months ago I found a PS/2 to USB adapter that would work with my KVM and I failed to get lid closed mode working as per these instructions.

Tonight I found the final piece of the puzzle in this other set of instructions. The critical difference is that it says I need to have the power adapter plugged in for it to work which is what the Apple instructions say. What I don’t understand is why they made the power adapter a requirement. I can run both the LCD and an external display from batteries but just running an external display (with no power hungry backlight) requires even more power…

Now at some stage I will have to rearrange part of my desk (and probably clean up all the junk at the same time) in order to have a suitable place for my laptop while it is connected. Balancing on top of the rubbish bin at the end of my desk is just asking for trouble…

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