PS/2 to USB adapters

Wednesday, December 29th, 2004 at 07:10pm

Back in June when I got my PowerBook I also picked up a cheap no brand PS/2 to USB adapter so I could run the PowerBook through my KVM switch when at home so I could use a full sized keyboard, mouse and monitor. Unfortunately the adapter just didn’t want to work when connected through the KVM switch.

This afternoon while at Tandy, because Phong wanted to get a USB card reader that was on special, I impluse bought a Belkin branded PS/2 to USB adapter. Superficially there are only a few differences with with Belkin one:

  • costing AU$10 more
  • being black in colour
  • having ‘Belkin’ moulded into the side
  • having a slightly different shaped centre piece

However there is one key difference:

  • The Belkin one works with my KVM switch.

Now I can run my Powerbook through my KVM switch I only need to work out whether I still want to…

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