Returning to a location

Saturday, November 5th, 2022 at 10:58am

Six years ago I stopped by the St Kilda Botanical Gardens, mainly within the Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden, and took a few photos. I did start sorting and editing them but none of them really grabbed me so they remained in my todo folder. Last year I had the idea of going back on the same day and taking the same photos as a five year comparison.

I don’t recall why but I never did that, so with it approaching six years I decided to try to get back to these gardens. It isn’t like I have this new camera (now fixed after sending it back) to justify…

So, six years to the day I returned to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens and wandered around with my camera. On my phone I had the shots I needed to replicate, but I also was looking for other things as well.

Some were quite easy to replicate:

Walkway (2016) Walkway (2022)

While with others it wasn’t until I got home that I realised I hadn’t gotten the location quite right, for example with the gazebo I should have been standing a lot further back with more zoom:

Gazebo (2016) Gazebo (2022)

In the end there were only four shots that worked in showing the similarities (the structures) and differences (the plants), see the gallery on Flickr.

While I probably won’t do anything further with these photos and I also regret not matching up the time of day better, I consider this a successful experiment.

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