Weird or suspicious?

Saturday, August 20th, 2022 at 07:44pm

When I am working at home from my desk I have the venetian blinds opened enough so that I can look out over my front garden and over the road. My experience is that I need to frequently rest my eyes by looking away from my monitors, and this type of break is often recommended as part of office ergonomics.

This also means that activity outside often catches my eye, not everything but a few days ago I saw a man at the front door of the house across the road. Nobody answered the door and I saw him ring the bell a few times and wait like he expected someone to be home. It was unusual that he walked out the street, looked in the window of the car parked there (which belongs to one of the people in the house) and then went back and rang the bell again. He walked off to the right which was out of my view.

About 20-30 minutes later I heard a car door slam, I looked outside and saw something very strange. There was a car parked on the footpath across the road, not on the side of the road, but right up on the footpath. How did they get there? Did they lose control and crash?

As I was trying to work out what I was seeing I saw the man from before walk around from the far (passenger) side of the car, get in and drive off. Not back onto the road, but along the footpath and out of my view. This was very weird, what did I just see? How was there enough space for a car between a letterbox and a large tree on the nature strip? It was thoroughly confusing.

Because it was so strange I made a quick note and then had to join a work meeting, forgetting about this until the next day when that neighbour came over to say they had been burgled and were asking if I had seen anything. Well yes I had, now what I saw wasn’t just weird, but also suspicious.

Unfortunately I didn’t see much, just that it was an older male person and a general description of the car, no license plate or any specific detail.

It made me think about one of the projects deep in my backlog which is to put up some cameras. But even if I had cameras my plan is to cover my own driveway and front door to get alerts if someone is approaching or to know if a parcel has been delivered, they would not capture anything across the road.

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