Fifty-two weeks of food in boxes

Sunday, July 25th, 2021 at 5:08 pm

Almost a year ago I posted about getting meal ingredients delivered in boxes. That was after five weeks, so this is the fifty-two week update:

Fifty-two weeks of food in boxes

My position on it is pretty much the same as it was last year, it might not be the most economical way, but the variety I get for the convenience is worth it. I have found that I am much more selective with their menu, it is rare that I am happy with the automatic selection, I am going in to each week and adjusting the selection based on preferences and some failures.

One notable failure involved parmesan. You know how cheap parmesan smells like vomit? Well the parmesan provided is ok when you mix it into the dish at the end of cooking, however there was one meal where the parmesan was baked to make parmesan crisps. This was a mistake, it stunk out the entire kitchen, that went straight into the outside bin and I had the meal without the crisps.

Another failure of a sort is that I haven’t been happy with any of the Indian curry meals, they don’t seem to have enough flavour enough for me, it is as though they are not suited to a quick cooking time. There are other meals that have a spicy warning on them which I ignore, it is as if they are targeted at a broader audience.

Undercutting all this is the knowledge that this only works for me because I am working from home. Despite the convenience of working from home I still miss going into an office, if only for the random conversations we would have over lunch…

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