Is the honeymoon over?

Friday, January 19th, 2018 at 08:13am

It has now been two months since I was happy enough with my NBN connection that I terminated my ADSL service. Things were good, until they weren’t…

Starting around mid-December around once week I would get home from work and my NBN would be down, the modem would show a downstream link, but no upstream link. So there was something there, but not enough for my modem to connect.

I started to notice a pattern, it would drop out in the middle of the afternoon (ready for when I arrived home) and then come back shortly after midnight. This pattern to me indicated that there was faulty equipment that was tripping due to load/heat/something that was then reset at the end of the day. I’m not entirely clear on the technology but was wondering if there was an amplifier somewhere between me and the exchange that was failing.

It has been a frustrating time contacting my ISP support, who then escalate to NBN, who may arrange for a technician, who I need to be at home for. On one visit the connection was working fine and there was no issue the technician could detect, but they replaced the modem in case that was the issue. Nope, but on another visit from a technician it was down and they were able to report back to NBN that there was definitely a network issue.

It is a mess. When it works it is great, but when it doesn’t…

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