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A partial NBN install

Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at 9:37 pm

When my parents were contacted late last year about moving to the NBN my advice was to wait, this turned out to be a worthwhile as a few weeks ago they were contacted again, this time with details, the same monthly price but not as good a deal as their current plan. When my mum rang them the result was a free speed boost (50mbps instead of 25mbps, when Optus Cable was 30mbps), the first three months free and free installation that will connect the existing phone points (normally $150).

The NBN side of the install happened a two weeks ago, so now they have a new coax line running in from the street and an NBN HFC modem sitting connected to nothing. The Optus part of the install should have been this week but has been cancelled, will be rescheduled in a few weeks.

At a similar time a co-worker also switched from Optus Cable to NBN, but they opted to change ISPs to get a better rate. Their connection is good now, but early on it was down for a few extended periods, but affecting everyone in their street so an NBN fault not an ISP fault.

I have also checked the status of my address, it used to say April but now says July…

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