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Time for a change

Sunday, December 21st, 2014 at 07:16pm

Very few people know this, but for a number of years I have had a gym membership, the last few of those also including a weekly PT session. Recently I came to the realization that I was wasting my money, for the simple reason that I have not been motivated enough to make proper use of it. Something needed to change.

When I first started it was right in between my home and work, but then after I bought my place it was a bit (not much, but enough) out of the way so that it required a conscious decision to go. Now that I work in the CBD, it is in the opposite direction and required more pre-planning if I was to go after work.

I had a thought, what if I reset what I was doing and started going for walks around my local area? As well as being free, I don’t need to travel anywhere to go for a walk, I just go. I could also mix it up by going different ways, sometimes hilly or sometimes flatter, sometimes through parkland or sometimes past houses…

Over the past two weeks I have gone out seven times, I am going to cancel the gym membership and see how this goes. Things can always change in the future such as getting back into cycling to work or even finding a closer and more convenient gym.

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Another year at the camera club

Sunday, December 14th, 2014 at 11:22am

Among my growing collection of unfinished blog posts there are a couple about my entries to the monthly competition at the camera club. As the year is now over I am rolling them up into a single post.

One of the few photos (because there were so many people) I took on the Trey Ratcliff photowalk in early 2013 was of the underside of the Princess Bridge.


In 2013 I joined a weekly black and white photo project, while I only managed to stick with it for six months it did force me to take a number of new photos specifically for monochrome. This was was taken for technology.

Standing alone

Taken while on a photowalk, submitted for archtecture, the to the camera club.

Within the Sanctuary

While on the club weekend away to Marysville a couple of us split from the main group and headed west towards Murrindindi. There were a few other cars and bikes around that had kicked up dust and while stopped taking photos of the rays of sunlight some bikes went past. A fair amount of adjustment was done to balance out the light, and in the final version the bike and rider was darkened to be a silhouette. This was awarded image of the month for May and then got third place in the end of year competition.

Riding through

How could I not resist submitting an image of a Lego minifig that shot for silhouette under ‘Shadows, Silhouettes & Reflections’.


The topic one month was ‘creative’ and I had no idea what to submit, it was a struggle as I try to be accurate and reflect what is there… While sorting through some older images I came across an image that after some extreme level adjustment came out like this:

One giraffe drinks

There were three competitions after I returned from my US trip and all of the images I submitted were from that trip. Starting with this early morning shot in San Francisco. It wasn’t until editing the image later that I noticed the cyclist which I thought changed the whole feel of the image. At the monthly competition this received a merit, and in the end of year it received second place for monochrome print.

Morning ride

I don’t take photos of people, so for the portrait competition (even when extended to include animals) I struggled and only submitted one entry, but it was this image of an owl in Owl Canyon which is near the infamous Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

In the canyon

It took me a while to adjust to my new job (started right after returning from my US trip) so I got a bit slack with entering printed images. I should have made the effort as the judge liked the two images I did submit for the ‘Travel’ competition, obviously they are from my US trip.

Different colours

Behind and in front

I still have a lot of things on my todo list, but one thing for sure is that I enjoy going out to take photos and I will make sure I find the time. We have the list of topics for the club competitions in 2015 and I have just seen that the B&W Project will be running as a project 26 in 2015.

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