Walking on a road trip

Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 09:28pm

Today’s leg of the Tasmania road trip was quite short, this was to allow for the three hour return walk along the old route of the North East Dundas Tramway to the base of Montezuma Falls, the highest (at 104 metres) falls in Tasmania. Being the old tramway the walk was quite easy, with the old sleepers visible in sections.

Old tramway

Top of the 104 metres

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best to photograph the falls, photos of the suspension bridge (across where a trestle bridge used to be) were a lot better.


Once back in the car we looked around some of the other old mining area around Roseberry before heading to Zeehan which has a number of old buildings and a mining museum. There is also the Spray Tunnel, a tunnel that serviced the Spray Mine.

Out of the tunnel

We then headed down to Strahan and after sorting out out (booked) ticked for the train tomorrow, we headed out to Braddon Point where we drove out onto the beach from where we could see the lighthouses at the entrance to Macquarie Harbour.

At the entrance

Bonnet Island

As the light changed we stopped be a jety, explored some forest tracks, picked up some dinner and then found a lookout over the town.


Sunset on Regatta Point

Our plan for tomorrow is also a short day, this time because of the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

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