Lighthouses are along the coast

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 11:16pm

On day two of this road trip through Tasmania we travelled west along the north coast from Burnie and then south along the west coast to Arthur River. However we did start the day by heading inland to find Guide Falls, only one of the two waterfalls we were looking for today.

Someone in the shot

The weather was mixed, mostly heavy rain in the morning that was punctuated by patches of clear(er) sky. When it had just been raining and was still overcast the nice rich tones made themselves known.


Despite this, it was nice that as we returned to the coast we could see the rain moving away, where it stayed for most of the afternoon.

The departing rain

Which, being along the coast, featured a couple of lighthouses such at the one up on Rocky Cape.

Short and stubby

Locator pin

We started to see more wildlife.

I can see you

At West Point we failed to find the lighthouse, just these concrete foundations.

1916 foundations

At Bluff Hill Point we found a relatively modern (precast concrete, not stone, masonary or concrete in a form) lighthouse, it wasn’t until looking it up later that we found that when this was comissioned, it replaced the one at West Point that was subsequently removed.

Break in the clouds

These weren’t the only sights we saw, it is just that I need more time post processing those photos (in some cases that will mean assembling panoramas), but right now the day is over. Tomorrow is heading back inland, first along the Western Explorer Highway through the Tarkine region and then past mines and a number of dams.

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