A new competition year

Monday, February 13th, 2012 at 9:49 pm

Last Tuesday was the first of the Waverley Camera Club monthly competitions for 2012. This year all of the topics are “open” with two of those being “open monochrome”. Personally I don’t like that, as I have said before I much prefer to go out and shoot new photos to a set topic.

My first image was taken during the second half of the interrupted road trip along the south coast of New South Wales, from up the Green Cape lighthouse. This print was awarded a merit.

The old light

My other print was also awarded a merit, and was also the subject of discussion as a number of people asked how I got the shot. The image was taken at Cat Bay on Phillip Island where there are the remains of an old jetty. The other people I was with were taking photos of the main structure out in the water, but I grew tired of that and focused on one part, lighting it up with a flash from directly above during the long exposure .


Neither of my digital entries received an award. One may have been seen before as it is from the big Perth road trip last year

No entry

while the other is from a camera club weekend away to Mansfield at the end of September.

Last rays

My monochrome entries are already in for the next competition, so shall see how they go.

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