Geographe Bay and some reservoirs

Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at 1:01 pm

Today is our first real rest day and so far it has involved sleeping in, some midday television and writing this blog post. Damien is about to head out to catch up with a Perth base friend and we will meet up again later for late afternoon and evening shots at Kings Park. I have yet to decided if I will hang around the motel or if I will bother walking the seven kilometres to Kings Park in the heat.

So what did we do yesterday?

In the morning we did not leave Busselton until late morning as we returned to the jetty in daylight to walk up and back. Apart from experiencing the length of the jetty, there wasn’t much to see. What I did find interesting was the museum in the interpretive centre that showed the history of the jetty, including what sections were damanged by weather or fire.

Busselton Jetty Interpretive Centre

Our next stop was a bit inland at the town of Donnybrook, apparently the centre of apple production in Western Australia. Our goal was to find a ‘big apple’ at the top of a tower. We didn’t find it, but as we were following directions as specific as “approximately 6 kilometres north of town” that is not surprising. On the main road north out of town we did see plenty of apple orchards, just no big apple on a tower.

We returned to the coast for lunch at Bunbury and a fuel stop at Australind before heading inland again. This time in search of water reservoirs, which we found, with some hopefull driving down poorly labelled bush roads that bordered on tracks. Our phones with GPS and appropriate maps were the key here.

Logue Brook Dam

At the Serpentine Dam we found similarities to dams and reservoirs in Victoria, extensive parking and picnic facilities that are run down and deserted. We can only imagine that years ago when these areas were first established they were a popular place for a day out, but no longer.

Eventually we came back to the coast at Rockingham, then followed the Coast up to Fremantle for dinner at the Little Creatures brewery.

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