Definitely the off season

Monday, March 14th, 2011 at 10:34 pm

Today we achieved our goal of travelling from Albury to Augusta. Along the way we stopped for chocolate, tasted cider and toffee, walked in the tree tops and among giants, and finally climbed a 61 metre tree. Tomorrow, after visiting the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse we will head north (there is no more west…) via some caves, some wineries, another lighthouse and then finally arriving at the world’s longest wooden jetty.

Throughout our travels so far we have noticed that it is the off season for tourists, but today that was driven home as at the chocolate factory, the cider/toffee factory and the Gloucester Tree we saw only two or three other people. When I previously visited the Gloucester Tree almost two decades ago I remember there being lots of people around the base and climbing the tree. That trip was over the Christmas/New Year period, not mid March during school term.

No photos in this post, as of the few that I took, I’m not that enthused about any of them. Later, once I am back home and have more time, I will look at them again.

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