Wired for a merit

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Last night at the camera club I received a merit for an image of the evening sun hitting some high voltage powerlines:


This shot was taken on some random road in the hills to the west of Bright. It has been cropped down from the original, which was taken through the car’s windscreen. Converting it to black and white made the powerlines stand out a lot more.

Given the opportunity to take this shot again, I would frame it without the tree to the left and not have the lines dip into the bushes at the bottom. Of course that would involve stopping and then getting out of the car.

My three other images in the “open” competition didn’t receive any awards. Two are from my first trip to the Melbourne Zoo in at least 15 years, with the third from the club outing to Scienceworks.

Brickwork Caged There's something up there...

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