Hearing from Pakenham

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 at 08:11pm

Last month I, mostly as an experiment, entered some image in the 6th Pakenham National. Today I heard from them with my results.

I entered eleven images in three categories, most of them being images I had previously entered in WCC competitions.

Four projected images:

Sport stress balls #1 Lake Fyans sunrise
Bridge at night Lego speed

Three open monochrome prints:

Emerging Nymphaea
Seamans Hut

Four open colour prints:

Diecast vs Extruded Waterfront
Somewhere to sit Setting

So how did they go?

My lowest score of any of them was 8, while the highest score was 11. The three that received 11 were “accepted” into the exhibition in September. These are one of the first images I entered into the monthly competition at WCC, a recent experiment with long shutter and black thread and a successful monochrome conversion:

Bridge at night

Lego speed


I am pleased and it was definitely a learning experience that will be completed once I see the other acceptances at the exhibition.

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