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Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 9:28 pm

Last night I found out the results from the May ‘open’ competition at the camera club. As usual I had struggled to select images, I find it much easier with a theme.

Although I haven’t sorted through the images from the Grampians Trip earlier in the year, I did select one image from the very early morning excusion to Lake Fyans for a print:

Lake Fyans sunrise

This received a merit.

My other print was from when I went hot air ballooning over the Yarra Valley. (Yes, another set of images that I have to process)

Floating over the sunrise

I probably could have submitted this one as a monochrome.

For one digital image I selected a shot from Point Cook earlier in the year. I had a couple that it was difficult to choose between. I went with:

Burnished Mustang

Based on the judge’s comments, I should have selected the other one which was a tighter crop through the wing, so the people were not visible in the bottom corner.

My other digital image as a bit of an experiment, it being a low close up shot of a broken down sandcastle at Wilsons Prom. (again, another set I have yet to process)

Remains of a castle

Here’s hoping that next month is better, when the topic is ‘slow shutter’. Of course that includes a stereotypical waterfall shot.

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