I have control of Lego Technic

Friday, April 2nd, 2010 at 03:58pm

Twenty years ago one of the Lego Technic sets I dreamed over was the Control Centre. Thanks to eBay I now have that set and over the last couple of days I have assembled two of the models.

The robot arm:
Lego 8094 Control Centre (2)

Crane truck:
Lego 8094 Control Centre (4)

The actual control centre allows you to control three 9V lego motors (although only two come with the set) and it even allows you to program in two sequences that it can play back. Of course, this is nothing compared to the cababilities of the modern Mindstorms NXT. But for something from 1990, this is great.

For now this set is back in its box as I really need to return to downsizing the collection as I need the space.

Now this isn’t the only Lego that I have been playing with in the last week. On impulse last Saturday I picked up the “limited edition” Racing Truck:

Lego 8041 Racing Truck

I wasn’t quite happy with it and once I assembled the B model it was clear which model I preferred.

Lego 8041 Race Car (1)Lego 8041 Race Car (2)Lego 8041 Race Car (3)

This set also marked another first for my lego sets, I applied the stickers. The stickers in this set really make the model as they transform what would otherwise be big chunks of black.

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