OSDC2008 is over … with sekrits revealed

Saturday, December 6th, 2008 at 12:24am

It is now technically the day after the last day of the conference, but it ended up being a long day.

Despite my plan I didn’t end up making it to the breakfast as I ended up sleeping in a bit By the time I arrived I had also missed the keynote, which by all accounts was quite good.

Of the talks that I did get to, Adam’s and Paul’s were excellent as usual. I also went to one about a CMS originally written for a local government and I caught the end of one about code reviews. The content of that one wasn’t anything new to me, but the questions/discussion after it have me some ideas about how to get buy in for our processes at work.

The closing keynote from Pia Waugh about the OLPC in Australia gave me a better understanding on how the project was going and also how it is related to Australia and Oceania.

But that wasn’t all as Adam revealed the sekrit that he had been alluding to. Which was actually two things:

  • at 5:30 that morning he had managed to build perl6 for windows and a beta should be (hopefully) out for Christmas.
  • during his recent tour talking about Strawberry Perl he was offered assistance from Microsoft. They will me running virtual instances of all the current versions of windows for testing purposes. Which will be available to anyone with CPAN account.

So that was the end of the actual conference, but that wasn’t all as many of us adjourned to the pub next door. As that was crowded and didn’t serve food (at least in the bar), we moved to the nearby RSL. At least thirty of us.

I am now back at the hotel and have a rough plan for tomorrow:

  • get up as early as I can
  • figure out exactly when and how I’m getting to the airport
  • check out of the hotel
  • find somewhere to leave my bag
  • head up to the Sydney Tower observation deck

This should take until midday. Only another six hours to fill…

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