A Matter of Loaf and Death

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 at 09:07pm

I this on TV this evening:

ABC1 promo for A Matter of Loaf and Death

Yes, that is a promo for the new Wallace and Gromit short – A Matter of Loaf and Death – and those who know of the first proper site I made should understand how excited I am.


I had been keeping track of it through the film production blog but I had no idea that it would be aired so soon. I was expecting to have to order a DVD (or download it – but we won’t mention that…) in order to see it. Looking at the production blog now, the last post is from a week ago saying that there was only one day of filming left. I am amazed that it is airing so soon, and before the UK as they won’t get it until Christmas.

But I won’t be able to watch it.

As mentioned previously I am going to OSDC in Sydney, and the conference dinner is on the Wednesday night. I will have to record it. From digital broadcast. Redundantly.

There are two broadcasts (repeated on the Thursday on ABC2) and as well as leaving my desktop running to record it, I should be able to get two other people to record it. Watching it will be the first thing I do on the Sunday. (or maybe as soon as I get back on Saturday night…)

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