I now have a digital SLR camera

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007 at 02:46pm

Earlier in the week I decided that I had thought about a Digital SLR camera enough. After all I had borrowed Hamish’s Canon EOS 300D, borrowed David’s Nikon D80, and read through countless articles and reviews.

Of the Canon EOS 400D and the Nikon D40x (which the reviewers couldn’t decide between) I was initially leaning towards the Nikon for a couple of reasons:

  • I could get it with the 18-135 lens that I really liked when using it on David’s D80.
  • It was a fraction more comfortable to hold compared to the Canon (very briefly with the display models in a shop).
  • It used an SD card, not compact flash. I like being able to just pull the card (with built in USB connector that I got this time last year) out of my current camera and just plug it into an available USB port.

There was however one huge drawback with the Nikon. The D40x (and D40) do not have a focusing motor in the body. For autofocus you must use a lens with a built-in motor which severely reduces the lens options. As I didn’t want to pay more for the D80 or opt for the older D70s (at a similar price to the D40x) I chose the Canon.

And this morning I got it.

Instead of my usual sleep in on a Saturday morning, I got up at a reasonable time and headed out to Knox as there were four shops (JB, Dick Smith, Teds and Harvey Norman) within close proximity and I knew they were on special at three of them, some for a better price than others. After checking out JB (their price was the second cheapest, by AU$15) I was walking around to Dick Smith and I passed Retravision.

I wondered if they had cameras. So I went in. And they had it (400D twin lens kit) for even less than the other four shops, and they still had two (one being the display model) black ones in stock. After doing some other shopping I came back and bought it AND a 4GB CF card for a price that was still less than the other stores. It really does pay to shop around, and not just online.

Coincidentally there was an eBay auction for the Canon 28mm f/2.8 lens that finished this afternoon. With myself as the winning bidder for a reasonable price. The seller is also located in Melbourne so I might even be able to pick it up today. If not today then in time to use it on christmas day.

I still need to get:

  • A small USB 2.0 CF reader
  • A protective sticker for the LCD display
  • A bag/case.

I really should thank Hamish as I am leeching off the research he did…

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