Travelling north

Monday, November 26th, 2007 at 08:03pm

After a taxi, a plane, a train and a walk I am now in my hotel room in Brisbane. As there is no daylight saving (local time is 7PM) and I am further east than Melbourne it is already dark and I am about to venture out in search of some (cheap) dinner.

However, my first priority was to check my email and make this post. While the room has an internet connection it was a simple decision after looking at the prices to not use it. Instead I dialed into work (nationwide number so only a local call) and connected to the VPN.

It is pretty sluggish using intense sites like google maps (ie everything that uses ajax or looks fancy) but the sensible sites work fine. Tunneling a VNC connection is even more painful. I need to look at another client for OSX that can use compression and drop the colour depth, etc for performance.

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