The third and final day of OSDC2007

Friday, November 30th, 2007 at 10:27pm

I am now back in Melbourne, but what happened yesterday, on the final day of OSDC2007?

After taking it easy in the morning I learned when and why Ruby on Rails would be an option, saw how an enterprise wide SSO solution can be built, how to optimise for wetware, gave a lightning talk, and heard the trends that should shape the future.

After the official close of the conference, ‘networking’ continued well into the night back at the Brewhouse.

Something I was very happy about was that my flight back wasn’t until the next afternoon as people dropped out throughout the evening to either catch a flight or return to where they were staying in order to get up for an early flight. If I were to change anything I’d make my flight early afternoon to reduce the amount of waiting around after checking out of the hotel.

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