dir /? > LPT1

Sunday, August 12th, 2007 at 09:56pm

Last week I picked up an IBM PC Convertible. Although I already had one in better condition, this one included the thermal/ribbon printer.

After refreshing my memory on how to pipe output directly to a printer and getting the thermal paper inserted the right way I was able to test it out. What should I do with a dozen copies of the help for the dir command?

Currently I am using it as a thermal printer that uses special paper. From what I understand, all I need to use it as a thermal transfer printer is to install the correct tape cartridge.

An interesting thing I noted when inspecting the printer is that the expansion slices are not as interchangeable as I thought. The clips are shaped in such a way that forces the printer to be directly connected to the unit with the serial/parallel slice attached to the printer. I suspect this is due to the much higher power requirements of the printer.

There are quite a few options for it but before I consider looking for any of them (except if they pop up on eBay in the meantime) I need to keep culling the collection which includes selling the PC Convertible. Without the printer of course.

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